Worldwide Aerial Artists & the Lockdown [...]

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We wanted to go beyond the borders of our country and culture to discover how the lockdown is managed by international aerial artists.

From France to Europe: How could we take the best of this experience and how to be able to bring our aerial art practice to the next level?

Let's go through the testimony of Yvonne Smink & Jazzy K ...

Yvonne Smink, Netherlands

Multiple Dutch Pole Champion


Youtube Channel: Yvonne Smink

Studio Location: @poleanddance

Teaching Online at: Open Dance Academy & Indi Pole App

Photo Credit: Stanislas Perov

-Hello Yvonne,

How is your mindset?

My mindset is really different from day to day.

In the first week of the lockdown, I had a lot of negative emotions running through me. I guess subconsciously I was more afraid of the current uncertain situation then I would have wanted to admit to myself. This week has been better though, I have talked and discussed a lot with close friends and my family (thanks to whatsapp video!), who really helped me to put things into perspective. I am feeling more myself again this week.

-How do you spend your time?

The unique aspect about my current situation is that I live alone inside a poledance studio. I would have expected that I would train a lot, now that I am here all the time by myself, but actually I have just been sleeping and resting a lot!

-What sports or artistic practices can you still have?

Poledance, dance, walldance, movement, so many options! I am going to try some online dance classes as well. Fun!

-Are you teaching online?

Yes! I am teaching online (Skype privates). Also, my tutorials are available on Open Dance Academy and the Indi Pole App.

-How do you foresee the time after lockdown?

I think the world is not going to be the same. We got a huge wake-up call. It's hard to predict how we are going to proceed. One thing for sure is that the mentallity has changed, about environmental issues, economics, politics...

Let's see if the mind can push to actions.

-Have you already set goals for after lockdown?

For my short-term goals, no, I have not. It's still up in the air when events (competitons, expo's) are going to run again. It's hard to forsee how the community will be shaped after the lockdown. And my creative process is depending on that.

-What would you like to set up for yourself or create for the community during lockdown?

That's a really tough question - My first thought was when this all started, to offer free help online (lessons, tutorials), since so many of us are struggeling financially right now. After consulting with a few poledance studio's, I understood that by offering free lessons I could undermine the paid lessons from studio's (who are now very depending on those). So I am still searching for a way to offer myself to the community in a way that I can be of service without (unintenionally) doing harm. If anybody has suggestions, please write me.

-A message to spread to the aerial community around the world?

Stay connected, trust in yourself. Don't give up hope. Keep on moving!

Thank You Yvonne!

Jazzy K


1st place Pole Theatre Iceland 2019 Pro Classique

2nd place Felix Cane Pole Championships 2018

1st place Pole Theatre World 2016 Semi Pro Classique (

Head Judge PSO

Certified Pole Theatre Judge

Trainer for XPERT Pole Fitness

Instructor at Gravity Arts, Zurich

Photo Credit: Pole Bote

-How is your mindset?

It is very mixed. I am of course worried about not being able to work and about how this virus is affecting my loved ones, but I try to stay positive and getting the best out of this situation.

-How do you spend your time?

I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and my dog which I actually enjoy a lot as I lack time for this normally. With my friends I only video call and enjoy those virtual coffee dates even more. 

-What sports or artistic practices can you still have?

I can still go to the studio for now but I try to limit it down a lot as I need to use public transport to get there. I train on my home pole as well but it is not the same creative space for me. 

I live next to a forest and a hill so I go for walks everyday with my dog. 

-Are you teaching online?

Yes, I have Online tutorials on the Patreon page of our school Gravity Arts, pure Exotic Tutorials on my own Patreon ( and seperate Tutorials on the Indi Pole App.

-How do you foresee the time after lockdown?

I hope people will keep the supportive attitude even after the lockdown gets lifted. The virus won’t be gone so fast but I hope with people being mindful and respectful we can make this work.

-Have you already set goals for after lockdown?

I don’t have specific goals but I can’t wait to see my students again! I miss teaching in person and travelling, seeing all these different places. 

-What would you like to set up for yourself  OR create for the community during lockdown?

With my Patreon I made happen what I always wanted to do. I provide tutorials but I also wanted people to have the opportunity to get feedback and advice, which is very important to me as I really love teaching.

-A message to spread to the aerial community around the world?

Support your schools and full time pole dancers that lost most of their income wit this situation. It is quite scary with existential fears like this. So if you have an opportunity to help, do it!

But of course also enjoy connecting with so many dancers around the world, do things you would not have done and become a stronger person.

Thank You Jazzy!

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